Light Livin Photography 

Transformation Course

My comprehensive Light Livin Transformation Course is here!

The LLP Transformation course is the culmination of years of perfecting my unique style, teaching over 100 students over the last 3 years and creating content around their specific needs. Now I have put it in a digital format to share with you!

Please keep in mind that the course won't be available until August 28, 2022. You will NOT have access to this course until that date. 

This course is for you if you:

Shoot in manual, but are not sure how to fully achieve the light and airy style

Are frustrated with lack of consistency in your work

Need to significantly reduce your editing time to be more efficient

Are craving those gorgeous creamy skin tones that are NOT washed out

Want to know how to quickly find the best light on location

Like your work but want it to stand out as a work of art

Can't wait to significantly increase your prices and attract a higher end clientele!

Check out what others are saying about 

the LLP Signature course!

mandy feld

"When I found the Light Livin Transformation course I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Amber goes in depth into which lighting to shoot in and how to use light to flatter your subjects. In addition to achieving my dream images I have gained tons of strengths in my business. Since completing I have created a portfolio of images I am proud of, and I have been able to confidently raise my prices. Investing in the Light Livin Transformation Signature Course was one of the best business decisions I made!"

Kate Keddington

"I absolutely loved this course! Amber was so insightful and helped me to see light in a whole new way! I look at greens and yellows in a different way when I edit and shoot! I am now a chaser of the lovely "glowy" light! I would recommend her course to everyone! She is so cute, a forever cheerleader and an amazing mentor! My work has changed and I'm sure will continue to change as I practice and get better and better! Nailing my lighting, makes me love my photos so much more!

amanda alphin

"I am beyond thankful that I took this course! When I found out she had a course I jumped right in and was so excited to learn from her! Amber goes over everything you need to know to master her light and airy style! She teaches you how to find the beautiful light and what to look for in a perfect location! She teaches you how to compose a beautiful photo & the best way to coach your clients into wearing that perfect outfit to fit your aesthetic! She is a wonderful educator & spends so much time listening to your questions and helping you in every way she can! She will teach you her editing style using her Lightroom preset!" 

What's Inside the Course?


Time of day - Master golden hour, No more orange haze!


Location scout like an expert


Confidently find amazing lighting for my signature style


My key composition elements for the light and airy style


My tried and true camera settings! The full details of how I set my aperture, shutter speed and ISO


Setting exposure correctly in camera for an easy edit! 


White Balance demystified! No more dull skin tones that take forever to edit! 


Client wardrobe coaching for the best client experience and consistent on-brand results!


The Light Livin Edit - Watch in detail how I edit my photos explaining the why behind each slider.


The Light Livin custom preset IS INCLUDED to elevate your work to the next level!


Behind the scenes videos and explanations of exactly how I see the light!


  • My favorite portrait brushes, a $50.00 value FREE! 


  • My Light Livin summary checklist to bring with you to shoots! Know exactly what to look for!
  • Exclusive access to my private Facebook group where I answer any questions that you might have from the course!
  • My custom Light Livin presets, a $240.00 value, yours FREE!